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Can anyone identify the bird that was on The BigBangTheory last night - it was identified on the show as a BlueJay but it certainly didn't look like any BlueJay I have ever

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A bluejay sits on there window sill (sheldon is afraid of birds), but eventually he gets over it. The part where the bird sits in Sheldon's spot is hilarious.

The BigBangTheory. S12 E22 The Maternal Conclusion. Leonard is pleasantly surprised when Beverly (Christine Baranski) comes to visit and she's genuinely kind to him, until he finds out the real reason

The BigBangTheory, which ends its twelve-year run tomorrow night, has held the time period for the last nine seasons. After moving to Thursday nights

BigBangTheory It's inevitable that with over 6 billion people here on Earth, there will be different views upon how our universe was created.

The BigBangTheory, now in its eight season, has a solid fan base that just grows through the years. Now, fans of the show can get their hands on their very own LEGO set featuring Sheldon Cooper’s living room and the seven main characters, and it was all made possible by LEGO Ideas.

BigBangTheory Transcripts. All the episodes, right here. Series 05 Episode 09 – The Ornithophobia Diffusion.

BlueJays are known for their intelligence and complex social systems with tight family bonds.

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BigBangTheory - Concise synopsis of the bigbangtheory's background, historical foundations, major problems. What are the alternatives to our ultimate

It all started with the bigbang! It's expanding ever outward but one day It will pause and start to go the other

S5 | E23 The BigBangTheory 20 min • Expires August 7. When NASA reschedules Howard's mission and puts his wedding plans in jeopardy, he's forced

Dear BigBangTheory fans, your fave show is mega problematic. Here's why the most-watched show on TV could stand to be a little (or A LOT) less sexist.