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Q: What's the difference between FireTrucks and FireEngines? Truck 2, Engine 2.

At the fire station where I work, we have an overhead pipe with a short section of hose on it. It hangs right over the cover to the truck’s water tank.

Various types of firetrucks, which will vary by department and what kind of environment they operate in. A more rural fire department might have trucks with

Firetrucksdohave tanks of water, but they can't hold enough water to fight a fire effectively.

In Ancient Greece, they didn't have the truck but theyhad the idea for a pump. A large pump that could be directed at a fire to shoot a blast of water

View different styles of firetrucks and fireengines, examine what different models do and what purpose they serve.

At a fire scene, the water on board the trucks is used for the initial attack, then we switch to water supplied by tank trucks or relayed by a large hose from another truck drafting from a river, lake or the ocean, or even from one of the few hydrants in the area if we’re close enough. read more.

How much waterdo you need? All the cells and organs in your body need water to function

Best Answer: empty or full basically when firetrucks carry there waterin a reserve tank for quick fires they hold 500 gallons at 8 pounds per 1 gallon that is 4000lbs right there

Firefighters from the Oakland Fire Department can operate the booms from the vehicle's cab, though they'll use a standard fire hose if theyhave to enter a burning aircraft. Fully loaded, the 43-ton vehicles hold 3,170 gallons of water and 422 gallons of foam. A 750-horsepower engines lets them speed...

Firetruckshave different methods of directing water to quench fires. Most use a hose to pump

Watertrucks can vary significantly in size. Large watertrucks can transport a lot of water to large open-air spaces, so using them wherever possible for water transportation is very efficient.

Here in Australia, we have lime green firetrucks in the ACT, but most other states still persist with red.

A third fire hydrant did work and the long line of hose was connected to the fireengine. KCFD Deputy Fire Chief James Garret explained that the firefighting was not delayed because the firetruckshavewaterinthem. “We carry over 500 gallons of water to the fire itself and so when we start the...

The size of a firetruck is not standardized although a lot of American firetrucks are at least 24 ft

BME fireengine manufacturers specializes in wildland firetrucks and custom fire apparatus.

Firefighter/EMT since 1985. Currently operating on a 75' Quint Ladder truck. Handling all phases of Fire/EMS/Rescue for a community of 38,000 bedroom

Conventional – Referred to as a fireengine, water ladder, pumper or pump ladder, the conventional firetruck may have several methods in order to