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The Best Bride & GroomGift Exchange Gifts. This is a fun gift to buy! You and your partner just committed your lives to each other, and now you get

Thegroom is giving the mothers a flower during the ceremony, and the dad just gets to hang out and have fun. I havegifts for thebridal party, the officiant

Doesthegroom receive a gift from thebride? Should you even bother doing a wedding gift exchange?! Well, whether or not to participate in

Thegroom isn't required to give his Bride agift, but in recent years, the tradition of gift giving between thebride and groomhas become more and more popular. In many circles,it is common for thebride and groom to exchange wedding giftsamongst each other. I often get asked by grooms, "what would...

Thegroom would thank thegroomsmen with gifts after the wedding, a practice that's been customary ever since. Current groomsmen gift options are quite

We've gotthe low down on every gift you'll need to bring to the wedding festivities.

the maid of honor throw her bridal shower, bachlorette, gotten her crown, gotten her cake cutters does she still havetoget her a gift?

Shop our mother of thegroom gifts to find meaningful trinkets, luxurious robes, tote bags and other stunning accessories that match your mother's

Can thebride and groom just say “I do” at the end and not haveto repeat the vows or is repeating them an important part of the ceremony?

Over the course of the last year, you’ve pillaged your savings to buy her a diamond, pledged that you would eschew all other women until

Check out our groom to bridegift selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our gifts for the couple shops.

Adding thebride's new monogram or initials to the handkerchief makes it especially meaningful. Picture frames - A personalized frame can be

Read our answers to the most asked mother of thegroom questions and get tips for the rehearsal dinner, engagement party and more.

The villagers came together to shower the couple with gifts and goods necessary to set up a new household. Today, some couples have already accumulated the

Typically, thebride and groom will send wedding invitations with information to their wedding website and reception details which often includes gift registry. Taking a look at the couple's gift registry will give you some ideas of what they are looking for, which may include household, sentimental or small...

Your giftdoes not haveto be expensive, and whether you want to be honest, funny, or sentimental, there is something for everyone.

If a bride and groom exchange gifts the night before the wedding, he may want to give her something to wear during the ceremony the next day. A necklace, such as a string of pearls, is usually a safe, traditional pick. He could also give his bride to be a more personal piece of jewelry...

The exchange of gifts between bride and groom is a time-honoured tradition, however, not everyone does it.

Thegroomhastodo a lot more than just show up and get married! Most couples treat wedding planning as a joint venture, and you may be involved in

Wedding Gifts from theGroom to theBride. Make her special day even more special While it's not mandatory, it is a sweet tradition for thebride and groom to give each other gifts on their wedding day.

Does anyone have any gift ideas for parents of thebride and groom to give as a token of appreciation the night before the wedding?

For the music is the sound Of the love of a man and his wife, I know that the dance will be found To the beautiful rhythm of life!

Doesthe happy couple like to mix their own drinks? Get them something truly unique for their wedding with this set of two traditional Moscow mule mugs.

The map had their names and the date printed on it. This map was used as a guest book at the reception. Since there were guests from all over the

You found your groomsmen gifts , but you still haveto buy a wedding gift for thebride! An age-old wedding tradition, every groom presents thebride with a sweet something on the wedding day.

Who getsgifts? Tradition dictates that thegroom is responsible for purchasing gifts for the male

Note the much coarser feel of the second version. Thegroom is not content merely to announce his bride’s unfaithfulness: he provides every single guest with photographic proof, stays around long enough to savor their reactions, and spouts obscenities at thebride and best man.

After the festivities have settled down is another good time to pen a thank you note to your parents or parents-in-law. But don’t forget to thank them in

When it comes to gifts for thebride, there are many different options, from traditional to sentimental to functional. One of the more traditional items that grooms give their bride isjewelry — especially a pair of diamond earrings to accompany her engagement ring. If you do your research, you should be able...

Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Doesthegroom traditionally buy his

Bridal shower gifts: From the size of a gifttoget to how to keep track of who gave each gift, an expert answers your top seven gift etiquette questions.

Cash It’s OK to give thebride and groom money. Lots of couple appreciate cash gifts and use them toward important expenses like a down payment

To the coolest couple who have made us laugh and who inspired us to live our lives to the fullest, congratulations! I wish you both a life full of love!

The easiest way to do this is to prepare 10-15 questions for thebride and groom to answer before the shower, so you will have the answers ready

The tradition of giftingthebride’s family with gifts before the wedding represents the formal betrothal in ancient times. There are two parts to this. The first takes place two weeks before the wedding, where thegroom and a lady of good fortune, or a matchmaker, will pay a visit to thebride’s home...

Contact thegroom prior to the shower and ask him the game questions (of course, ask him to keep all of this a secret). Now thebride will answer the same questions that we asked thegroom. Each guest should write down how many answers that they think thebride will match.

Run errands thebride needs to have done. Coordinate appointments for bridesmaids dress fittings.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum I’ve seen it done very distastefully, so I urge all brides and grooms to AVOID these

The following collection of father of thegroom wedding toasts are normally filled with advise and well wishes to the newlyweds.

Choosing the attire for thegroom’s wedding party—in keeping with the style and colors of the wedding. Selecting thank-you gifts for his wedding

I am trying to decide what to give my bride as a gift on our wedding day. I consider myself rather romantic and usually never have any trouble coming up

The couple is not only going to spend some of their earnings but also rely on some from their

Bride and Groomgifts are a key part of every wedding. There’s no nicer way to launch a couple into married life than by choosing a present that recognises

It is traditional for thebride to stand on the left side of the altar (if you’re facing it), and thegroom on the right.

Sit theBride down in the chair of honor and read her each question asking her to guess theGroom’s response. Feel free to spread the cards out among the guests so everybody gets a chance to participate.