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If you're looking for today's classic cigar profile, you're looking to the country most famous for their cigars, Cuba notwithstanding: the DominicanRepublic.

Shop cigars from the DominicanRepublic at Cigars International. With brands like La Aurora, Macanudo, and Arturo Fuente, the DR represents strong in the cigar game.

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The DominicanRepublic is home to some of the most popular cigars in the world. They have a unique flavor profile, and are always in high demand.

Top DominicanRepublicCigar Bars: See reviews and photos of cigar bars in DominicanRepublic, Caribbean on TripAdvisor.

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The DominicanRepublic is the world's first producer of cigars. Most factories are located in Santiago, in the center of the island, and in close proximity to the tobacco fields grown in the fertile Cibao Valley.

Browse our wide selection of DominicanRepubliccigars with soft to robust tones and flavors. Premium brands like Arturo Fuerte, Ashton, AVO, and more. Low prices.

The DominicanRepublic makes so many cigars that it still imports leaf from many countries. Wrapper leaf from Connecticut and Cameroon; filler and binder leaf from Nicaragua and Cameroon.

CIGARS OF DOMINICANREPUBLIC - When some of Cuba's top cigar makers left the island, chose to create cigars in the DominicanRepublic.

The DominicanRepublic took a leading position in the production of cigars in the 20th century. After the revolutionary events in Cuba, the United States imposed an embargo on many Cuban goods...

Welcome to GTO Cigars. Our boutique cigar company artfully blends & creates some of the finest hand made puros from the Valle del Cibao in the DominicanRepublic.

DominicanRepublic offers a fantastic combination of environments to capture your imagination and refresh the soul. And with eight international airports, paradise has never been easier to explore.

The DominicanRepublic is probably the Latin American nation with the most advanced telecommunications system. The principal companies, Codetel, Tricom y All America Cables and...

Cigar lovers everywhere know that the DominicanRepublic has replaced Cuba as a prime exporter of cigars . Tobacco is the DominicanRepublics oldest crop.

In 1990, Mr. Philippe Gillet visited the DominicanRepublic for the first time, finding not only good weather and beautiful beaches, but some of the world’s finest cigars!

Cigar Country: DominicanRepublic. Dominican cigars are held in high esteem worldwide. The huge success of the Fuente Family’s Opus X cigar has only increased and encouraged their popularity.

For tourists visiting the DominicanRepublic, shopping is one of the many fun activities they can fill

The DominicanRepublic is famous for its cigars. Many former Cuban tobacco growers, producers of cigars and cigar rollers left Cuba after the Cuban Revolution and settled on the Neighboring Iceland.

Vivaldi Cigars welcomes you. For over 20 years we’ve been producing cigars. For over 20 years we’ve been trying to make a perfect cigar even better. it’s been a search for the improvement of...

How important is the cigar industry for a country like the DominicanRepublic? It is calculated that around 500 million premium cigars will be produced around the world in 2014.

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Dominicancigar brands as Zino, Griffins, Avo, Vega Fina, Pleiades. Best price shipping worldwide.

DominicanRepublic. Freestate in Central America, in eastern part of west-indian island Haiti, franz.

Many of the cigar factory tours in the DominicanRepublic take guests to see the La Flor Dominicana and one or more other cigar manufacturing companies, such as Tabacalera de Garcia.

Cigars, DominicanRepublic - Discover our guide to all the attractions, places of interest, and must-see

Fine cigars are made in the DominicanRepublic and are known worldwide.

The largest producer of cigars in the world, the DominicanRepublic is known to enthusiasts around the globe as “Cigar Country.” While Cubans are often more recognizable...

DominicanRepublicCigars Man Torpedo Favorit are 6 1/2 inches long and have a ring gauge of 52. They are handmade in the DominicanRepublic with long leaf Cuban-seed tobacco and wrapped in...

JMs Dominican Cigars. From its Los Angeles headquarters to its DominicanRepublic factory, this family-run cigar maker, importer, wholesaler and distributor has proudly found success catering to the...

General Cigar sells through tobacconists throughout the United States and exports select cigars

Cigar Friendly Bars, Restaurants, and Lounges in DominicanRepublic. Home > North America Cigar Bars > DominicanRepublicCigar Bars.

JM Dominican cigars are affordable premium cigars that are handmade in the DominicanRepublic. Neatly rolled in Connecticut Broadleaf, Connecticut shade, Sumatra & Maduro wrappers encase a...

Dominican cigars are produced using the finest tobacco. The art of cigar production is part of the heritage of the DominicanRepublic and a high standard of craftsmanship is evident in all the...

Tabacalera La Matilde Cigar Factory Tour (La Romana, DominicanRepublic)Conceived, out of passion, by Master Blender Jose Seijas as his optimal manufacturing facility.

Epic Cigars owner and Founder, Dean Parsons began traveling to the DominicanRepublic in 2005 while living and working in Real Estate in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

...DominicanRepublic, they have been creating fantastic cigars ever since.

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