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What's more, if fattyliver isn't addressed, it may progress to more serious liver disease and other health problems.

Fattyliver, or liver disease, isa common condition in the US as well as in other nations like Italy, Japan and China. Read on to know what afattyliver is

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Jayaraj on what causesfatty deposits in the liver: Several, from alcohol, diabetes, with high cholesterol & hypertension &obesity (metabolic syndrome), severe weight loss, diverticulosis, toxins such as phosphorus or mushroom poisoning...

Fattyliver can also occur from excess alcohol consumption, but here we will concentrate on NAFLD. NAFLD occurs when an excess buildup of fat in

Fattyliver or steatosis isa liver disorder in which extra fat accumulates inside hepatocytes or liver cells, causing damage and disturbing the function

The liver, apart from being versatile, isa highly resilient organ. It is able to withstand a range of chemical insults on a daily basis and one of its

Afattyliver may be causedfrom obesity and uncontrolled diabetes, hyperlipidemia, rapid weight loss, alcohol use, and the use of medications (aspirin

Fattyliver is most commonly caused by consumption of large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis or by

Fattyliver pain is caused by a buildup of pockets of lipids in the liver tissue, which makes the liver inflamed and eventually...

Whatisfattyliver disease and can it spread to other parts of the body? Fattyliver disease isan accumulation of triglyceride fat in the liver cells.

Fattyliverisa condition where the liver has enlarged in size due to various factors. An enlarged liver can give you pain make you gain weight drastically and cause you to feel extremely lethargic. Usually people suffering with an enlarged liver are either partial to a alcoholic beverage or have a genetic...

Nonalcoholic fattyliver disease isa condition in which fatty deposits build up in the liver.

Fattyliver can be caused by certain chemical compounds, nutritional or endocrine disorders, and by

Fattyliver disease isa build-up of fats in the liver that can damage the organ and lead to serious complications.

Read about fattyliver disease from Cleveland Clinic. Learn how this non-serious condition can sometimes be dangerous, and how it is treated.

What causesfattyliver? Answered by: Dr Sanjiv Saigal | Consultant Gastroenterologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Q: I ama 30 years old male weighing 74 kg.

There are two types of fattyliver – one that develops due to excessive consumption of alcohol, and the other that develops in non-drinkers, after an excessive

Liver cirrhosis is the primary complication that arises from nonalcoholic fattyliver disease. This isa condition in which there is extensive scarring of the

One indicator of fattyliver syndrome isa larger than usual belly. A person does not necessarily have to be obese in order to have fattyliver, but having the condition is

Fattyliver disease is something that so many people suffer from and don’t even know it. It’s truly a silent epidemic, as you don’t feel the symptoms from it. It sneaks up on you, causes inflammation and can truly make you quite sick down the line.

What Does Liver Pain Feel Like? Your liver isa football-sized organ that sits under your ribs.